Mastercycler® nexus X2

Image – Perfect Asymmetry
Image – Perfect Asymmetry
Image – Perfect Asymmetry
Image – If you need that extra throughput
Image – Perfect Asymmetry
Image – A Little Helper
Image – Perfect Asymmetry
Image – Perfect Asymmetry
Image – Perfect Asymmetry
Image – Perfect Asymmetry
Image – If you need that extra throughput
Image – Perfect Asymmetry
Image – A Little Helper
Image – Perfect Asymmetry

The Mastercycler nexus X2 is Eppendorf's solution for busy PCR labs. Two totally independent protocols can be run on the two blocks. This allows two PCR users in the lab to start and end their PCR reactions whenever they want. One of the assays can have up to 64 samples. With less than 40 dB[a] noise emission, the nexus is whisper quiet but also very energy efficient. More information

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Product Information

The Mastercycler nexus X2 gives you the ability to run two totally independent protocols at the same time. Smaller assays fit nicely on the 32-well-block – larger assays can exceed 48 samples and run on the 64-well-block. The larger block is available with a gradient function. As every member of the Mastercycler nexus family, the Mastercycler nexus X2 can be combined with all other family members in a network of up to 3 units. In combination with Eppendorf’s PCR Tubes, PCR Strips or divisible plates, the Mastercycler nexus X2 will give you consistent and publishable results – every day!

flexlid Concept

Due to the flexlid concept, the cycler can deal with all types of PCR consumables, from low volume all the way up to 0.5 mL PCR tubes. Of course, all common PCR plates fit – and if your throughput becomes even higher, you can just connect one or two Mastercycler nexus eco to your Mastercycler nexus.

Gradient with SteadySlope® technology

The gradient option of the Mastercycler pro features the SteadySlope® technology to ensure that the heating and cooling ramp rates are identical in both gradient and normal operation. Thus, you can expect identical temperature control characteristics in both optimization and routine experiments. Programming the gradient with the Control Panel and the CycleManager pro is easy and intuitive – so that novice users can get started quickly and safely.

Certified Quality

All Eppendorf cyclers follow these quality guidelines:
- Individual, documented quality control certificates
- Calibration accordingly to national and international standards: NIST (USA), DKD/PTB (Germany), UKAS/NPL (UK)
- UL/cUL listed

Annoyed by uncomfortable handling?

Ergonomics is far beyond the »ergonomically designed chair«. Eppendorf started to optimize the laboratory devices regarding ergonomics already in the early 1970s.
In 2003, we started the PhysioCare Concept, focusing on ergonomic liquid handling devices like our pipettes.
Nowadays, the Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept is broaden up to include further laboratory products as a holistic solution to harmonize the workflow in your laboratory with your health and well-being, e.g. for the Eppendorf Mastercyler:
› Ergonomically designed lid closure
› Low noise level for convenient working conditions at the bench
› Small footprint to enable position in direct arm reach at your bench
› Standardized »user-interface concept« for intuitive handling of devices
› Guided software for easy handling

Further information about the Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept:

Mastercycler® nexus X2

Struggling with paper-based documentation?

The eLABJournal Electronic Lab Notebook offers an intuitive and flexible solution to document research and track research data like PCR–based values. Improve efficiency when documenting, organizing, searching, and archiving collected data. With the free eLABJournal add-ons, you can extend the functionality of eLABJournal to a fully integrated Laboratory Information Management System.

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Mastercycler® nexus X2


  • Asymmetrically divided block for running different assays in parallel
  • Intuitive graphic programming
  • Universal block for strips, 0.1 mL, 0.2 mL and 0.5 mL PCR tubes
  • Small footprint
  • Optional gradient for PCR optimization
  • E-mail notification
  • flexlid® concept allows use of all types of consumables with automatic height adjustment of the lid


  • Standard PCR
  • Optimizing a PCR
 MC nexus GX2MC nexus X2
Unit can only be controlled1
Sample capacity64/32 × 0,2 mL PCR tubes or up to 45/19 × 0,5 mL PCR tubes64/32 × 0,2 mL PCR tubes or up to 45/19 × 0,5 mL PCR tubes
Heating technologyPeltier elements, Triple Circuit TechnologyPeltier elements, Triple Circuit Technology
Temperature control modeFast, Standard, SafeFast, Standard, Safe
Temperature control range of the block4 – 99 °C4 – 99 °C
Gradient range1 – 12 °C
Intuitive graphic programming
Gradient temperature range30 – 99 °C
Block homogeneity 20 – 72 °C≤ ±0.3 °C≤ ±0.3 °C
Control accuracy±0.2 °C±0.2 °C
E-mail Notification
flexlid® concept
2 years warranty
Universal Block for 0.2 mL and 0.5 mL vessels
Gradient block
Unit can control 2 other units in network
USB port
Block homogeneity 90 °C≤ ±0.4 °C≤ ±0.4 °C
Heating rate3 °C/s 23 °C/s 2
Cooling rate2 °C/s 22 °C/s 2
Gradient blockOver 8 rows (0.2 mL)
Lid descentflexlid® technology, with TSPflexlid® technology, with TSP
Lid temperature range37 – 110 °C37 – 110 °C
InterfacesCAN_in/CAN_out, Ethernet, USBCAN_in/CAN_out, Ethernet, USB
Power supply230 V, 50 – 60 Hz230 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Max. power consumption700 W700 W
Total weight10.5 kg11 kg
Dimensions (W × D × H)25 × 41,2 × 33 cm25 × 41,2 × 33 cm
Dimensions (W × D × H)25 × 41,2 × 33 cm25 × 41,2 × 33 cm
Number of programs on device> 700> 700
1Control through a Mastercycler® nexus, Mastercycler® nexus gradient, Mastercycler® nexus GSX1, Mastercycler® nexus SX1, Mastercycler® nexus GX2, Mastercycler® nexus X2 or Mastercycler® nexus flat
2measured at the block

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