DASGIP® EGC for Exhaust Condensation


Eppendorf's innovative Peltier-based exhaust cooling technology effectively recovers vapor from exhaust and thereby minimizes volume losses. Due to the liquid–free operation users benefit from most easy handling. More information

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The Eppendorf DASGIP EGC4 Module in combination with our Peltier Exhaust Condensers provides liquid-free exhaust condensation for up to four vessels. Proven effective for the DASbox Mini Bioreactor and for the mini scale BioBLU 0.3 Single-use Vessels, this innovative technology can also be utilized with the larger vessels of the Eppendorf BioBLU family, BioBLU 1c, 3c, 5c, and 5p. Optimum recovery of condensate prevents volume loss due to evaporation and associated changes in osmolarity as well as blocking of exhaust filters. No cooling agent or chiller is needed so users benefit from easy handling.


  • Effective liquid-free exhaust condensation via Peltier technology
  • Up to four exhaust condensers can be connected
  • Suitable for single-use vessels BioBLU 1c, 3c, 5c, and 5p